About Us


Mission Statement:

Big Apple TaeKwonDo was founded in 2015, and focuses on teaching students martial arts, physical fitness, and emotional and behavioral discipline. We work with children of all ages and different skill set levels, and encourage students’ growth not only in the sport, but as individuals as well. Our mission is to engage all students in martial arts and help play a significant role in their athletic, physical and social development.

Matthew Graves:

Instructor Matthew Graves is a certified black belt and expert in Tae Kwon Do with over 20 years of experience. He has worked with hundreds of children of all ages and skill sets. In addition to owning and operating Big Apple TaeKwonDo, Matthew is a certified personal trainer with a diverse client base. His clients have been people with virtually every type of goal and/or limitation possible. Matthew has also served as the fitness manager for Bally Total Fitness for several years, managing numerous associates and trainers and responsible for making his gym one of the most profitable in the tri state area. Matthew is committed to Big Apple TaeKwonDo and the health, fitness and progress of all students.

Chris Petronio:

Chris is the co-owner of Big Apple TaeKwonDo and is responsible for many administrative tasks, strategies, and executions. Chris is committed to the students’ progress as well as the promotion and growth of the studio. Chris has over 10 years of experience in many different media channels, and has worked extensively in client services and marketing strategy. In so doing, he has partnered with many companies, building business plans and focusing on digital branding, publisher/financial, and non-profit efforts. Like Matthew, Chris is focused on the progress of all students and the further development of the studio.